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Genos Capital is a Management Group which manages a group of companies that are focused on the automotive industry. Genos looks for companies that are complementary to their current portfolio and are always looking for opportunities for growth in this sector.

Currently, Genos Capital is comprised of 4 companies in the Automotive Industry. These companies are Tear-A-Part, All Truck & Car, S3 Software Solutions and A1-Distributing.

Tear-A-Part (TAP) is a self-service used auto parts recycling business based in Salt Lake City and Ogden, Utah. The business focus is on buying used cars and providing a quick turn-around of used auto parts and recycled fluids for their customers and vendors. Sales are made in one of two ways: (1) through the retail store, providing parts, fluids, batteries etc. to the public and; (2) through bulk commodity item sales to selected vendors for either recycling or reprocessing. Examples of commodity items include crushed autos, converters, batteries, tires, metals, alternators etc. TAP has implemented the use of industry leading inventory and cash management systems through their Crush Software. The TAP operations is the culmination of over 40 years of management experience in the recycling industry.

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All Truck & Car (AT) ​is a full service auto recycling business in Salt Lakey City and offers a wide range of components parts from late model foreign and domestic automobiles and trucks. All parts have been clean and tested and most offered with a warranty. If parts are not currently housed at our location, AT will use their extensive computer inventory service to find the part you need.

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S3 Software Solutions (S3) is the designer of Crush Software and is based in Salt Lake City with clientele throughout the United States. Crush is tailored to the Self Service Recycling yards and helps owners input data on vehicles so to better use this data for more effective business analysis and decision making power.

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We’re always looking for companies that are complementary to our current portfolio


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