Chris P. Mantas

Principal and CEO

Chris P. Mantas is the Principal and CEO of Genos Capital, Inc., All Truck, Inc., Tear A Part, LLC., S3 Software Solutions, LLC., A-1 Distributing, LLC., Kratos Transport, LLC., and Kratos Transport II, LLC., a role he has held for over 30 years.

Mr. Mantas is a pioneer in the automotive industry, beginning at the early age of 14. Mr. Mantas began his career in 1982 with P&M Truck Parts, which is where he quickly learned the importance of dedication, good business ethics, and effective customer service. In 1990, Mr. Mantas then opened another successful full-service automotive facility known as All Truck, Inc. with his father, Pete J. Mantas. Mr. Mantas’ vision, drive, and unique ability to understand the growing demand in the automotive market continued and in 2001, Mr. Mantas created a state-of-the-art self-service facility called Tear-A-Part. Mr. Mantas’ vast experience and emphasis on developing strong customer, vendor, and community relations led to Tear A Part becoming the largest self-service automotive recycling company in the state of Utah. In 2008, Mr. Mantas launched S3 Software Solutions, an advance software company that provides customized software to full-service automotive recycling yards. Today, this software services hundreds of automotive recycling companies in both the US and Canada. In 2016, Mr. Mantas created a management company known as Genos Capital to provide accounting, human resource, operations, and safety services for all portfolio companies. Mr. Mantas also expanded his business portfolio by acquiring A-1 Distributing, LLC., Kratos Transport, LLC., and Kratos Transport II, LLC. from 2017 – 2019 and is successfully leading these companies with the strong values and principles that are attributed with his name. Mr. Mantas currently oversees the ongoing operations and is a key strategist for the growth of the portfolio companies.

Mr. Mantas serves on the Dealer Advisory Board, the Greek Orthodox Church of Greater Salt Lake Board, and is the President of the Utah Automotive Recyclers Association.

Pete J. Mantas

Mr. Mantas was our founder and brought over 50 years experience in the automotive industry until the day of his passing in 2017.

Zachary Russell

All Truck, Inc. – General Manager

Mr. Russell is responsible for the daily operations of All Truck & Car. He also represents AT and TAP at the main auto auctions. Mr. Russell has over 20 years of experience in the Auto Recycling Industry.

Dimitri Gerontis

S3 Software Solutions, LLC. – General Manager

Mr. Gerontis is responsible for daily operations of S3. He works with the sales team and programmers to make sure deliverables and strategy to clients are met. Mr. Gerontis has over 20 years in the Auto Recycling Industry.

Kaliope M. Sargetakis

Corporate Controller

Kaliope M. Sargetakis is the Corporate Controller of Genos Capital and all associated entities.

Before joining Genos Capital, Ms. Sargetakis served many private equity, cryptocurrency, banking, and mining/drilling clients through her experience with Goldman Sachs and Deloitte Tax, LLP.

Ms. Sargetakis graduated summa cum laude with a degree in accounting from Westminster College and received her Master of Accountancy with a tax emphasis from the University of Utah.

Ms. Sargetakis is involved with several community outreach programs, including the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake City, United Way Organization, the Greek Orthodox Church, and the Utah Food Bank.


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